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"Learn how just 15 minutes per day, OMP prepares your body to birth your way"

“A Revolutionary workshop helping you master the techniques for a safe and Empowered birth”

By the end of the OMP for Parents workshop you will gain.....

Confidence in yourself & your birth partner

Once you discover these tools, practice and apply what you learn alongside your birth partner, you will have the confidence to know you ARE prepared physically for the birth you desire.



Knowledge is great BUT... Where OMP stands out is teaching you WHAT to do, How to do it, When to do it and most importantly WHY you are doing it when it comes to specific exercises to create space in your pelvis. Learn the ART and Science of birthing your baby in simplified language.


Proven techniques that when utilised during pregnancy can not only ease pain and discomfort, yet can turn unwanted situations around during labor & birth.

Have the confidence to birth your baby safely
AND have the birth you really want

  • A 4 hour interactive workshop held on the 1st Saturday of every month

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    295 Australian dollars
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