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Welcome & Congratulations!

I'm Charmaine and its my honour to welcome you to Birth Moves & the wonderful word of Optimal Maternal Positioning [OMP].

I am sure you are experiencing many different emotions about the journey ahead and thats OK!

Feelings of excitement, joy, even fear are all very normal emotions most woman experience during pregnancy.

The countless 'what if's, the birth stories that people just love to share and how the media (especially socials) has portrayed birth can have a significant impact on our perspective and keep us in a fight or flight state of being - this is not ideal and definitely not something I wish for you during this most precious time.

Over the past 8 years I have had the privilege of supporting countless women and their families as a midwife and the truth is there is nothing more enchanting than witnessing the INCREDIBLE transformation a woman journeys through as she births her baby - whether it is her first time or her fifth. 

Birth is not only about babies; it is about making strong and confident mothers and this is why I decided to become a certified Optimal Maternal Positioning educator.

This revolutionary program will teach you how just 15 mins per day you can prepare your body to birth your way with confidence.

The proven techniques of OMP will equip you and your birth partners with a deep understanding about the physiological process of pregnancy, labour and birth; techniques to ensure that your body is ready to facilitate a safe, calm and shorter birth and how to navigate potential curve balls that may arise during the process.

From first hand experience as a mother & as a midwife, I can guarantee you that being prepared is the key to an empowering birth, no matter what, and for you this is absolutely possible...let me show you how!

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'Birth is not only about making babies.
Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers
who trust themselves and know their inner strength' 

Barbara Katz Rothman

Photos courtesy of  Elana Mullaly from Elana Mullaly Photography& shared with permission

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